Requesting account changes will require a cost. The list below will show the service option with the cost amount.
  • Premium 15$ To purchase Premium, you must have .15 L2K Points in your L2 Store. If you have enough points, you can type the command: .getpremium 1 (Ex. 4 = 4 months).

    You can convert your L2K Points to L2K Tokens and vice versa by following these commands: .pointstotokens or .tokenstopoints

    Monthly rewards:
    +15% EXP/SP
    Cloak Coupon
  • Name Change 5$
  • Gender Change 10$
  • Move Char Account10$
  • Class Change 20$
  • Starting Boost 20$ Will boost 1 char from lv 1 to 20 including class transfer, starter D gear including armor, top NG weapon and top NG jewelry.
  • Clan Level 10$ per level.
    Level 1 = 10$
    Level 2 = 20$
    Level 3 = ...
    Total from level 0 clan to 5 clan = 150$

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