Wonderous Coins Event!

It's time! Our very first server Monthly Event has arrived!!! Wohoo!!! Welcome the Wonderous Caravan and all of it's splendors. For 1 month all mobs lv 20+ have a chance to drop Wonderous Tokens. You can take these tokens to the Wonderous Shop in either Dion or Giran. Exciting new items have been introduced to the shop! Check the next announcement for images of the caravans new items. Alongside with the Wonderous Event, we are introducing the L2K Shop! Along with all the Wonderous Shop items (excluding the cloaks. Cloaks are only obtainable in-game.) you can now purchase the wonderous items at any time through our donation feature. L2K Token Prices: 5$ = 5 Tokens, 10$ = 15 Tokens, 20$ = 30 Tokens, 50$ = 70 Tokens, 100$ = 150 Tokens After you donated make sure to notify the GMs in #services-donations that you request Tokens and one of us will come help you.