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Then hit that donate link below to donate! Help the server create more content faster by donating.


When you hit the minimum requirement for the donation, you will receive 1 per account cosmetic item. You will still be rewarded the lower tier cosmetic items if you donated the higher tier. Aka, you will receive the silver and gold circlet if you donated 100 dollars plus the wizard hat. This is a limited time offer, as I will change up the items in the future

From left to right in the images below:
1-20$ = Silver Circlet
21-100$ = Gold Circlet
100$+ = Wizards Hat

Requesting account changes will require a cost. The list below will show the service option with the cost amount. In order to pay, please use the donation option on the website and inform @Badwatermagic on Discord of the transaction with the date, time, and username.

  • Hair Style Potion - 5$
  • Name Change - 10$
  • Delete Character Instantly - 10$
  • Boost to lvl 20 - 20$
  • Class transfer - 20$
    (Only works for classes within the same race. Human mages can't transfer to human fighter classes and vice versa.)
  • Char Swap - 20$
    (Will swap levels with 2 of your chosen characters.)
  • Clan Level - 10 to 50$.
    (The cost for clan levels gradually increase the high your clan lv is. To lv to clan rank 1 it costs 10$, clan rank 2 20$ and so forth up to clan lv 5 currently.)
Thank you for your contribution.