Starting Guide

here we explain the initial progression for a new player in the server

First steps
The first step in this world will be to kill monsters in the starting area to drop NG low parts (). As a new adventurer you will be able to equip No Gear Equipment.

Explore the area around the city and find stronger monsters to fight to gain experience and materials.

P.S: remember to check your skills and move them in your hotbar; you will learn skills automatically

Equip Yourself
These NG low parts will be used to buy all kind of "low" equipments from the merchants, which will be your first step in equipping yourself.

The Armour and Weapon can be bought in the merchant store from the respective sellers, while the accessory can be found in the grorecy store.

P.S: to buy a full NG low set you will need 61 Ng low parts.

Level up
Around level 8 you should be able to buy a full NG low set of armour, weapon and accessory.

Once you have a full NG low you can start fighting higher level monster (lvl > 11) which will drop NG high parts.

P.S: To buy high NG equipments you will need the low NG version

The first dungeon!
At level 10 you will gain the teleport to Cave of Trials, the first dungeon of the game. The first room is easy for two adventurers, but to explore the inner parts of the dungeon you will need a party of at least 4 or more.

We suggest to visit this dungeon once you have at least NG high gear. The dungeon monsters will drop NG cave of trials parts, which are used to buy the best NG equipments from the store.

P.S: To buy cave of trials NG equipments you will need the high NG version

Class change
At level 18 you will unlock more teleportation spells to places like Gludin and Gludio, where your story will continue: you will be able to start the first class transfer quest.

Once the quest is completed it will reward level 20 and the ability to change class.

P.S: remember that this decision is final, you won't be able to turn back

The adventure continue
Once you changed class you will be able to equip D grade equipments. The process is the same as NG gear, but each equipment will need different parts dropped by different monsters.

You are now able to join the lvl 20 dungeon too, Elven Ruins, which is harder then the lvl 10 one. Find companions to kill the bosses and gain treasures.

P.S: the boss gear is the best gear, but you will need to farm low and high D parts anyway for future grade